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How To Teach Your Lil Mama To Be Brave

How To Teach Your Lil Mama To Be Brave

Bravery is an important aspect of every child’s character development- especially for your lil mama. Not only will it inspire her to more readily explore the world around her, but will boost her confidence, resilience and willpower as she grows. 

Throughout their lives, many girls are taught to play it safe, avoid taking big risks, not to speak up or challenge others, and to essentially to “smile and look pretty”. They statistically are far more apprehensive to be daring and often find themselves questioning their worth, competency and abilities. 

Helping your babygirl to cultivate bravery from a young age is what will help her to excel in everything she does as she develops, from her career, to relationships, and just life as a whole. It will give her the courage to stand out and step out of her comfort zone, be fearless, dream the biggest dreams and to not let anything stop her from attaining them.

Here are some tips to help you teach your daughter courage and healthy risk-taking and help her go into the world with confidence, bravery, and strength:

Be Her Role Model

Our daughters are watching us. So naturally the most effective way to teach your lil mama bravery is to lead by example. When you show her you aren’t afraid to take risks and do things that scare you, she’ll be more likely to push through her fears and be able to face adversities. 

Encourage Fearless Self Expression 

To put it simply: let her be her. Whether it’s as simple as choosing a hairstyle, to choosing her outfit for preschool, giving your daughter the freedom to be who she is (without criticism) will help her begin to figure out her preferences and allow her to be comfortable in her skin unapologetically.

Celebrate Her Mistakes 

Let’s face it, she’s going to make them, but mistake based learning is one of the most powerful ways for your baby girl to learn. It’s important to show her that mistakes only make her stronger and wiser and that taking risks and being brave are good things, even if she fails. Celebrating her mistakes will create a positive relationship with failure and only encourage her to continue to try again.

Give Space To Her Voice

Help her become comfortable with being heard. Whether the feelings are positive or negative, give her a floor to express them in a healthy way and free of judgment. Teach her to advocate for herself and to stand up for what she believes is right, even if others around her feel differently. Make her feel confident in promoting her achievements.

Encourage Her To Make Brave Friends

Bravery only further inspires Bravery. When she surrounds herself with others who arent afraid to face their fears, take risks and dream BIG, it will only naturally push her to do the same. Constantly seeing it and listening to it, will help her to admire and aspire to demonstrate bravery herself! And be sure to encourage her to inspire and teach other girls who may be afraid to be brave too!

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