How To Help Your Lil’ Mama To Dream

How To Help Your Lil’ Mama To Dream

Kids are never too young to start dreaming! Helping your lil mama to dream BIG helps her to realize her own individual interests, talents, and abilities. It will inspire her to be powerful and fearless, and who doesn’t want to raise a cute, confident queen? 

Dreaming big and setting high goals, will give her the head start she deserves in her development and the best chances at success in life. Here are a few tips to help encourage your lil mama big thinking and imagine all her big possibilities! 



Grown ups have dreams too, share them! Share with them what you dreamed of doing when you were their age. When it comes to dreams of your own, don’t just talk about it, BE about it! Show your little girl how you set goals for your dreams and strive for them.



Dreams aren’t exclusive to just you. Get your daughter involved and create dreams together! Dream building will help to hone your babygirl’s collaboration and team building skills as well as show them how to look outside of themselves and think of others. Using the opportunity to dream can also be a great way to help start shaping their values.

With so many dreams to be imagined and achieved big or small, creating dreams as a unit will help guide and inspire your mini to think BIG and aspire to things she never thought of!



Affirmations and manifestations are powerful. Dreaming gives your little the opportunity to practice positivity and speak life into herself. Work with your daughter often to create statements that encapsulate her big dreams and practice repeating it to herself often.



Whatever her dream may be, give your daughter every chance at success by providing whatever educational tools and resources are available to them. Watch inspiring tv programs, take trips to museums, read books, explore, research and investigate and feed her imagination. Show her what’s out there and help her discover all of her big possibilities!



You’re forever your child's biggest cheerleader and hype woman! When voicing their big goals and aspirations, show enthusiasm, interest and your undivided attention. No matter how silly, out of this world or seemingly unachievable it may seem, show her you support and value her dreams. Your lil mama is capable of amazing things. When they attempt to achieve something and they don’t succeed, continue to encourage her and teach her the art of bouncing back and trying again. With a big wide world of people ready to crush your child’s dreams, don’t be one of them!

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