Easy Activities To Inspire Your Big Dreamer

Easy Activities To Inspire Your Big Dreamer

Children are natural dreamers and full of curiosity. We all want our kids to continue dream big, so why not spend a little time building and talking about their dreams? Cultivate their creativity and imagination in ways that you both can enjoy with these easy to do Big Dream activities!


Create A Dream Cloud Vision Board-

Print out a dream cloud or draw one on a piece of paper and let your baby girl write and/or draw what her goals are. If your child can't write yet, ask for their goals and help them fill it with all their big possibilities!


Play Dream Big Dress Up-

Have some fun with role play and imagination and dress up as whatever they dream to be. Dressing up encourages their creativity and gives them total freedom to imagine as they wish.


Search Printable Coloring Pages Of Dream Roles-

Coloring is one of the easiest and most cost effective dream chaser activities. Simply search online for printable coloring pages of their dream roles and let their creativity run free! This activity doubles as a perfect way to hone their fine motor skills while also expanding their imagination.


Take A Field Trip To See Their Dream In Real Life-

Show you lil mama her big dreams in action by taking a field trip to visit one in real life. Ask to shadow a guardian, family member or friend at work for a more personal, hands on experience or take her to a place where the magic happens and observe how her role models go about practicing her dream in real time.


Read Books That Encourage Big Thinking-

One of the best ways to open your child's eyes to the big wide world is through reading regularly! Reading aloud together helps encourage your little to dream of new people, places, and times of history they've never even thought of before. Find books that inspire big thinking and feature various roles that they can dream to be.


Draw What They Want To Be-

Get crafty and trace your child’s body on a large piece of paper and allow them to decorate their outline to show all the big dreams they have inside them.


Have A Big Dream Sing-a-long-

Find inspiring songs and sing them loud + proud! Or get creative and put your own spin on one of their favorites to create a Big Dream Remix!

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