Dream Big Affirmations For Mamas

Dream Big Affirmations For Mamas

Hey Mama! If no one else told you today, here's your reminder that you are worthy and capable of success and achieving all of your big dreams. When mom life gets too overwhelming, repeating positive words to yourself can be just what you need to encourage mindfulness, bring you back to the current moment and into a better mindset.

Check out these affirmations and say them out loud to yourself whenever you need a little pick me up!



  • I am strong, capable, and powerful
  • I am an amazing mom. Even as I work to become a better one.
  • My needs and desires deserve to be met
  • Taking care of myself is not selfish, it’s necessary.
  • I will lead by example and inspire my daughter to dream big
  • I am more than JUST a mom
  • I radiate grace, confidence, and care
  • I am loved
  • My life is beautiful
  • I am everything to my children
  • I am working to provide the best life possible for my children
  • My children are talented, creative, healthy, and loving and I am thankful
  • I am beautiful and radiant
  • I release judgment and embrace the current moment
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