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8 Childrens Books About Brave Black Women In History

8 Childrens Books About Brave Black Women In History

Happy Black History Month mamas and mini's! Teaching our daughters about Black Women in history is something we should all take very seriously, not just this month, but throughout the duration of her life.

It’s so vital for her to learn about the strong, powerful and resilient women who have made history in this country and around the world. This knowledge will help her develop a sense of pride and identity in her own heritage, as well as a respect for the accomplishments of other Black women.

The stories of these amazing women will give your babygirl an appreciation for the importance of diversity and show her that their examples of incredible courage and strength should be celebrated and respected.

Here are 8 childrens books about Brave Black Women in history to inspire your lil mama:

This beautifully illustrated New York Times bestseller introduces readers of all ages to 40 women who changed the world! Little Leaders educates and inspires as it relates true stories of forty trailblazing black women in American history. The leaders in this book may be little, but they all did something big and amazing, inspiring generations to come.

Fresh, accessible, and inspiring, Shaking Things Up introduces fourteen revolutionary young women—each paired with a noteworthy female artist—to the next generation of activists, trailblazers, and rabble-rousers. This is a poetic and visual celebration of persistent women throughout history.

Based on the New York Times bestselling book and the Academy Award–nominated movie, explore the incredibly inspiring true story of four black women who helped NASA launch men into space! Read the exciting story four female African American mathematicians at NASA, known as "colored computers," and how they overcame gender and racial barriers to succeed in a highly challenging STEM-based career.

To Boldly Go tells the true story of Nichelle Nichols and how she used her platform on Star Trek to inspire and recruit a new generation of diverse astronauts and many others in the space and STEM fields. This empowering tribute to the trailblazing pop culture icon reminds us of the importance of perseverance and the power of representation in storytelling.

This book is a brilliant introduction to a powerful Black female politician and voting rights activist. Todd and Freeman bring this to life in their creative biography of Georgia-based politician Abrams. Stacey Abrams’s determination, perseverance, and courage will inspire younger generations to make meaningful change in the world. Use this book to encourage conversation at home about Black women and voting.

Meet an incredible woman who broke down barriers throughout her whole life and is now known as one of the most preeminent painters of the 20th century. Told from the point of view of young Alma Thomas, readers can follow along as she grows into her discovery of the life-changing power of art. 

Ready to Fly is the true story of Sylvia Townsend, an African American girl who falls in love with ballet after seeing Swan Lake on TV. This exciting story is perfect for aspiring ballerinas everywhere who are ready to leap and to spread their wings!


This book is a fictionalized biography of Betty Shabazz (Malcolm X's wife) as a young girl in post-WWII Detroit. Inspired by Betty's real life, Betty Before X illuminates four poignant years in her Betty’s childhood with this book, painting an inspiring portrait of a girl overcoming the challenges of self-acceptance and belonging that will resonate with young readers today.

We hope these books will provide your daughter with an engaging and educational look into the stories of amazing Black Women throughout history and inspire her with their stories to show bravery and perseverance. Enjoy!

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