6 Ways To Celebrate Black History Month With Your Toddler

6 Ways To Celebrate Black History Month With Your Toddler

Celebrating Black History Month with your toddler is a great way to introduce them to the rich history of brave African-American heroes and their achievements. Incorporating Black History at home helps them understand and appreciate the contributions of African-Americans to society. 

There are tons of fun and educational activities that you can do together! Here are  6 ways celebrate Black History Month with your toddler:

1. Read books together about influential African Americans throughout history.

There are so many amazing books out there that feature stories and accomplishments of incredible Black leaders, innovators and activists. Before bedtime, take a few moments to read about them with your baby girl. Check out our list of 8 childrens books about amazing Black Women in history.

2. Make a craft celebrating a prominent Black figure.

You and your toddler can get crafty and create art that celebrates someone like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. or Harriet Tubman or use simple coloring pages. Here are some fun free coloring pages you can print and use at home! 

3.Visit a Black history museum.

Museums are a great way to provide a hands-on learning experience for toddlers. Search for local African American History Museums in your area and plan a trip or look for virtual tours  and bring the museum to you.

4. Watch movies and shows about important African American heroes.

There are a variety of movies and shows out there that feature Black culture and history. Grab your favorite snacks and favorite PJ’s for an educational and fun filled movie night! Check out a list of movies here.

5.Cook traditional Black recipes.

Involve your toddler in the cooking process and explain the history behind the dish while enjoying a delicious meal together.

6. Participate in a Black history parade or march.

This is a great way to show your toddler that we can all come together to celebrate the incredible contributions of African Americans who paved the way.

By teaching them to respect the history, culture, and significant contributions of influential Black figures,  your lil mama will be able to help to create a better country and a better world for themselves and everyone. We hope you

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