6 Self-Love Books For Lil Black Girls

6 Self-Love Books For Lil Black Girls

For most of us growing up, there was a stark lack of representation in the books that shaped our childhood. Those quintessential classics that have become staples in so many households lacked US. Rarely, if at all, did you see little black and brown girls get to play the pretty princess or even be featured as main characters roles. Being able to see ourselves portrayed in books and other forms of mainstream media undoubtedly would’ve made a HUGE impact on so many Black mama’s and other women of color alike.

With more and more Black Authors on the rise, we now have the opportunity to give our daughters something that many of us never got to experience. There are now so many books to choose from for the everyday African American little girl.  

We’ve chosen 6 stories we love that highlight our little black queens and help them nurture confidence, courage, self-love and deep connection to their Black Girl Magic, which is what our brand is all about. Check them out below! 


1.Mae Among the Stars by Roda Ahmed

A beautiful picture book for sharing and marking special occasions such as graduation, inspired by the life of the first African American woman to travel in space, Mae Jemison. Mae Among The Stars is the perfect book for young readers who have big dreams and even bigger hearts.This book will inspire other young girls to reach for the stars, to aspire for the impossible, and to persist with childlike imagination.


2.The Year We Learned to Fly By Jacqueline Woodson

The Year We Learned To Fly is a story about two Black siblings, who use their imagination to escape their boredom. This book illuminates the power in each of us to face challenges with confidence. It takes place wherever and whenever we need to remember we can fly.


3.Parker Looks Up By Parker Curry & Jessica Curry

This is a story of Parker when she visits the DC’s National Portrait Gallery and sees the possibility and promise, the hopes and dreams of herself in a powerful painting of Michelle Obama. An everyday moment became an extraordinary one…that continues to resonate its power, inspiration, and indelible impact. Because, as Jessica Curry said, “anything is possible regardless of race, class, or gender.”


4.Most Perfect You by Jazmyn Simon

Most Perfect You is a moving love letter to children struggling to accept themselves inside and out—exactly as they are. This gorgeous picture book was inspired by a conversation between the author and her daughter. Actor and activist Jazmyn Simon's tender picture book emphasizes the unique beauty and strength of all children, encouraging them to love their most perfect selves.


5.Lily and the Magic Comb by V.V. Brown

The book is an adventurous journey of discovery and pride where the enchanting Lily transports herself to anywhere she wants to go within her imagination, using her magical comb given to her by her mother. The comb is a symbol of confidence and belief that all is achievable to any child. With its eye-popping unique illustrations and charming rhyming style, the book seeks to inspire and represent a space of confidence for all children.


6.Mama We Made It! By Marty Mcdonald 

Written by our very own founder and first time mom, Marty Mcdonald, it was important that her daughter Elle understood that representation matters. She knew it was her job to share with Elle all of the possibilities that she can be in this world. This book highlights Elle’s first year of life and shows her and other little black girls all that they can be daily.



Reading books that feature little Black Girls at the forefront will inspire them to dream and know that anything is possible for them. Seeing themselves and their blackness being celebrated, builds unapologetic confidence in who they are and sets them up for the success and happiness they deserve. We hope these selections inspire you and your little one and help you start your collection full of books filled with Black Girl Magic.

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